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 One of my greatest teachers used to always say to me, Taryn you only truly know yourself in relationship.

What this means is, whilst we can do all this work continuously on ourselves when we are in the presence of others how do we let this become compromised or do we bend versions of ourself in order to meet demands of others? Or more importantly do we change who we are to feel like we can fit in ? 

I find the journey of Yoga can be extremely at time, a 'souls' journey. But, it is when we are with others we see how far we have truly come or what work still needs to be done? Recently i have had the great privilege of traveling with close friends and family. Sleeping in small spaces, sharing beds and basically being around others all the time 

Its beautiful to measure my own journey, one from constantly needing time alone to really being able to really really cherish the love and company of others and how this effects both my emotional body and also my physical 

What i take from all this is, we are all perfectly unique and when relationships are from a place of love and non-judgement we accept both ourselves and others around us as humans. And human to human we can build powerful connections and grow strength and support amongst each other. I am strong advocate for needing time to self-nuture, return home to ourself and to continue to do the inner work we all need to do.

But how beautiful is it when we can share our 'work'; our own struggles and growth processes on those around us and come together in unity, kindness, compassion, non violence and from a space of unwavering love. To get out of our 'own way' and see what magic can unfold when we are together sharing all experiences 

xxx Taryn




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