WANDERLUXE yoga | Ubud Bali 3 - 9th April 2016

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Waking up at Uma, for day one of our Wellness Experience i feel inspired and very grounded

The sweet lullaby of the Ubud mountains wrap a gentle smile to my face and a softness to my heart. The sounds of the birds, the river and the abundant smells and richness of this vibrant land. Rich in culture, stories and tradition. It is here i feel i can relax enough to let go

Feeling in Union with myself and my environment is always one of the first steps of my process inward. Allowing the elements of where i am here today to arise and wrap me in a safe secure feeling 

Now, the process of letting go can begin to take shape 

We will move through a series of meditation, pranayama and an ashtanga vinyasa this morning before moving into a day of settling the energy. I always encourage that in order to go inward, one needs to completely disconnect 

The journey home begins ~ 

xxx Taryn





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