Having suffered with extreme boats of Anxiety most of my adult years, my warrying emotions and how to deal with situations has been the pillar between me having a good day and a day I just cant seem to make meaning of ? 

Part of my daily practice includes me preparing for the ‘day ahead’ and what this means to me; is to settle my energy in a way that I can take control of my mind. Not restricting it but using mindful techniques to focus my energy and attention so I can come into contact with myself in a positive way not one of violent or judgemental thoughts. This to me is one of the greatest practices of Yoga. Ahimsa or Non Violence. And for me this starts directly with my ‘awareness around my thoughts’.

My daily practice includes

  • Journaling – the art of writing
  • Breathing Techniques – meditation & pranayama
  • Yoga – what ever practice is right for you
  • Movement – in a non ‘stressful way’. I have found within myself that anything that causes me more stress increases my cortisol and adrenal levels and causes my insides to churn. As a result my emotional state is one of anxious tension
  • Nutrition – highly optimal food choices

Coupled together, these practices daily ensure my WHOLE ‘wellbeing’, ensuring my relationship with myself (self Love) and also my relationships to those around me

Part of our Experiences will be directed around developing daily practices that support YOUR energetic system; YOUR physical body and YOUR emotional Body

I feel we have weaved together an easy to follow set of practices that when you apply you will have more self confidence, more self awareness, increase your relationships with yourself and with others, make better food choices, reduce stress and tension and generally understand your relationship with the self in a more meaningful way

I look forward to meeting you on the mat xx


For Experience Enquiries please make contact | 


wanderluxeyoga@gmail.com | @wanderluxe_yoga

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