WANDERLUXE yoga | How Yoga has helped me understand my mind

Its no secret that our thoughts affect how we feel our actions and reactions.

Our state of wellbeing and our connection to the divine or spirituality 

So how do we understand our mind, so that we can work more in harmony with our inner processes ? 

I have suffered from anxious patterning for most of my life, and i relate anxiety to fear arising

Working with fear (which is not real) i find my mind hooking onto stories or patterns and before long i have sat in that space within my mind for a period of time.

Sometimes its a minute other times its days. Before i know it, those fear based symptons have caused me a pattern of suffering. It may be in my attitude, my emotional body or my physcial body. And when i start to un-ravel, relax and break it down i realise it was all just a pattern of my mind, based on a reaction to a thought that caused the process to play out 

Exhale, Taryn has found enlightenment 

No, far from it 

So how does and can Yoga help me and every other human being in this world

Yoga encourages stillness 

The second yoga sutra of Patanjali is about Yoga (yolking) to still the pattern of the mind (citta) 

We can work in a way by embodying this process to allow the mind to gradually become passive

The inner power of stillness is the gateway to the true nature of the self that ultimately gives rise to a genuine state of presence, mindfulness and meditation

So for me my work is to continue to give rise to developing and acquiring memory of a different kind that can be seen as stillness so when my anxious patterning arises i can move my awareness to stllness 

I need to be in a truly self-reflective practice.

A state of constant awareness around my processes, my thoughts my actions and reactions 

Continue to use tools to move to calmer waters of the mind and your life and relationships will change; for the better

Taryn xx 



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