WANDERLUXE yoga | My practice during pregnancy

A lot of my students and friends asked me about my practice during pregnancy. Here is a summary. 

Please contact me for more info and or questions 

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(Please note, the following were safe for me. Please work with a trained teacher and ensure your doctors / specialist approval before incorporating any exercise)


  • Cat / Cow warm up and substitute for up dog.
  • Stepping back, no jumping. Stepping back to down dog and through to sitting.
  • No prone or lying face down
  • Pelvic floor stability work to keep hips open and pelvic girdle stable
  • Once 2nd, 3rd Trimester was present no back lying for prolonged periods
  • No closed twists
  • Anything that created heat
  • Forward folds with legs wider than hips
  • No practice of the Bandhas
  • No strong adjustments
  • No up dog. Tension of throat can cause hormonal disturbances 

Sura-namaskar variations

A – Legs hip distant apart. No urdhva-mukha-svanasana / Up dog. Stepping back and forward, no jumping.

B - Legs hip distant apart. No Up dog. Stepping back and forward no jumping.


Step to right side, no jumping. 5 breathe each asana. Come back to Samasthitih in between.


Padangusthasana A – lets apart, hold shins, lengthen spine, no forward fold


Trikonasana A


Utthita- Parsva konasana A – front knee bent, elbow to knee


Prasarita- Padottanasana – A, B, C, D


Parsvottanasana – Elbows in reverse prayer. Fold half way no intensive forward fold.


Utthita-Hasta-Padangusthasana – leg extended to 90’, if pelvic stability can be maintained take leg to the side.


Ardha-Baddha-Padmottanasana – standing no forward fold, no pressure with bound foot. Rest in figure four on knee. Maintain pelvic alignment. ( only practiced until 4th month of pregnancy )


Virabhadrasana A, B – maintain a shorter stance than normal




Pashimottanasana – legs hip distant apart, hold outside of ankles. Lengthen spine.


Ardha-Baddha-Padma-Pascimattanasana -


Tiryan-mukhaikapada- Pascimattanasana – legs hip distant


Janu-Sirsasana A, B. C


Maricasana A – Bound, legs wider than hips

Maricasana B - Can use wall for lumbar support


Baddha Konasana – can you wall for lumbar support


Upavista-Konasana A – don’t take legs to wide, no deep forward fold / bend. Hands on ankles.


Supta-Padangusthasana – single leg, use belt to assist. Don’t try and lift chin to chest.


Urdhva Dhanurasana – Bridge, hold ankles and don’t roll onto neck stay on thorasic spine. Interlace fingers if possible.


Pascimattanasana – legs hip distant. Hold outer ankles and lengthen spine. No deep forward fold.


Salamba-Sarvangasana - use bolster / blankets, legs up wall




Rest / Sarvasana – lie on left side, use blankets and bolsters. Make sure after 30 weeks no lying on the back. If pain in hips, groins place pillow under knees.



In addition (Gentle)


Hip stretching, glute stretching, quad stretching




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