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Modern science and research suggests that the human attention span in 2000 was 12 seconds, in 2015 was 8.25 and 2019 is 6 seconds. Nearly that of a little gold fish.... This is stemming from the massive amount of stimuli that we are exposed to from mobile phones, the internet, computers, news and social media. 

We cannot focus our attention long enough to even attempt to experience stillness 

Yoga teachers us to slow down, be present but for me the greatest work has been to focus on single tasks instead of being so multi task focused 

We learn exceptional skills at multi tasking over our lives ( i pride myself on it), but how does it help us emotionally ? 

Some simple tips i use in my day to day life

* Turn my phone to silent and turn the screen over... The flashing light of a message or the incoming instagram feeds light up my monitor and i loose attention to what i am doing

* Try not to check the phone as soon as i rise. Instead i have a self nurturing practice of coming into the day, cleansing practices, assessing my emotional world with my journalling and then breathing techniques 

* If i am writing or working on one task of a project - turn my emails off. The incoming emails distract me and i loose focus or move in  a different direction 

* Drive in silence - i turn the radio off. I focus on my breath and work on remaining calm and alert 

* Have time alone - having time solo allows me to connect to me. In a way that is authentic and true. I have a choice if i am present with myself and nurturing or if i am being un kind or harsh. Becoming free from distractions ( at various intervals ) in our day and lives have immense benefits in our journey to liberate our self from suffering

* Try to be mindful of staying in the present moment. Again, the notion of goal setting here is a hard one to swallow. I am very goal and task orientated. Its how i have made meaning of the world. Both in business and life. But being always in the forward plane causes me to miss the present moment time and time again. I use mindfulness techniques to bring me into the powerful notion of now. 

* Find my inspiration within nature

* Try to move slower, with mindful intention 

* Setting boundaries. Having clear boundaries can be powerful at removing distractions. You can decide when and how you connect into society 

* Disconnect to reconnect 

It is a fact that life is becoming busier but learning to slow down and living more simple ways goes hand in hand with happiness. If we don't learn this now, then when?

The more we move away from the self, the more chance we have of playing out more and more the things we do that cause us suffering.

Start every day on simple techniques that improve moving you toward happiness 

And after all, isn't that what we are all really searching for ? 

Much love xx 







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