An experience canvased in yoga, pilates and nutrition but permeating connections with yourself, others and your deeper holistic relationships.

We wander to a space merging between luxury and dream.

We find the breath, we move the body and touch love.

Find the still waters off the mind, unveil the mask and we journey home.

Stemmed from the passion of a dedicated Yogi and holistic wellness advocate, WANDERLUXE life is born.

WANDERLUXE yoga experiences will take you on a journey to the some of the world’s most beautiful, luxurious and unique locations around the world for bespoke wellness experiences.

WANDERLUXE Founder Taryn Vinson; has been teaching for over 16 years both within Australia and abroad with a strong dedicated daily unwavering Ashtanga practice. Highly certified in multiple methods of Yoga, Pilates, Personal training and nutrition.

With a passion for sharing her love of yoga and travel, Taryn has hand-picked destinations for you to reconnect, rebalance and experience deep relaxation. 

As part of the experience, you will be exposed to tools that assist guests to the internal path of self-awareness and liberation, then how to weave this into your daily routines. These mechanisms are designed so you leave the experience with the tools to lead a more powerful, self-confident and loving relationship with yourselves.

Whilst the emphasis is on yoga, nutrition and wellness, we won’t restrict our guest’s options; you can choose to eat Vegan or Non-Vegan for your stay utilising optimum nutrition for ultimate wellbeing.

All menus are chosen for the highest vibrational quality and digestive purposes.

In between yoga sessions, you’ll also have plenty of time to do the things that you love to do whilst integrating the teachings. 

The experiences are designed for WANDERLUXEyoga guests to do something rewarding, relaxing and beautiful for themselves to return home with a rebalanced, re-nourished body and soul.